A peek inside…

Well this old place has certainly seen some things and surely has some tales to tell! These pictures were taken just days before we signed on the line… As you can see it’s still very much a pub and will probably look like for quite some time to come because we plan to hang out in the pub part of the listed building whilst we get the more scary looking upstairs rooms rescued and repaired.

Anyone for a pint?

Anyone for a pint?

Yes the bar fittings are all there, glasses are under the bar and even tankards are hung from the ceiling. There’s even a cigarette machine that we need to get rid of!


This was the dining room and skittle alley

Full of all kinds of junk. Yes, that’s a wall of fridges and freezers. I’ve scrubbed them up and tested them and sold them on eBay which will help buy the lime and mortar we seem to need by the tonne!

In the bar again.

In the bar again.

Unfortunately this stove has to come out and be replaced by something that we hope will blast the place with heat. More on that later…

A view of the bar from the fireplace.

A view of the bar from the fireplace.

This room is about 40ft long in all.

Lean to at the back of the building.

Lean to at the back of the building.

A bit leaky in here – lots of buckets around when it rains, but maybe I’ll fill it with plants for the moment!

The old kitchen.

The old kitchen.

Yes that’s a dirt floor. I try to ignore this room as I pass through it. It needs everything doing to it as everything has literally been ripped out (rotten floors, ceilings and walls).

A utility room added on in the 1960s

A utility room added on in the 1960s

This will be converted into a temporary kitchen – work has already commenced in earnest here. I’ll show you in a future post! 

The pub toilets

The pub toilets

Being a pub it does Ladies and Gents toilets in an old brick building outside. This building will house our temporary bathroom – that’s once we pull out the urinals and excess toilets and get a shower in!

Well that’s enough for now… more to follow soon.




13 thoughts on “A peek inside…

  1. Catherine I’m so pleased you finally got it, Becky has been keeping me up to date. many congratulations and wishing you and the family much happiness xx

  2. Wow Catherine this is amazing. You lot don’t go in for an easy life do you? Where is it? Really pleased you got what you wanted. Rosslyn x

    • Thanks Rosslyn. We keep asking ourselves why we can’t just do things in a normal fashion but we never seem to learn! It’s in Devizes, so not too far. You’ll have to come over for a gander… Catherine x

      • We will indeed. Sounds like a great adventure but not one I think I could cope with! Full of admiration as always! Loads of love, Roz x

  3. Catherine, Good job setting up this blog, its actually exciting to see the ‘as is’ pictures. I can’t wait to see what pictures you will put on next and the progress with the restoration work. Its a fabulous property with great beauty and character. Congratulations and welldone; Owen, Catherine, and the 3 little Morsebrowns.

    Lots of Love
    Michael and Liz Ngero

  4. hi every one well must say what a great project loved it.views are fab and such great character
    cant wait to see it progress love Allan Lorna x

    • So lovely to have you both over yesterday and bringing lunch was so thoughtful. We are so blessed! The ‘grandad’ chair will have to be saved just for you when you call in 🙂

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