Stripping back to see what’s there…

This will be the children's bedroom.

This is the first bedrrom we’re working on.

Remember this room with it’s wallpaper missing in places. Well we had to strip it all off to see what lies beneath and found a few surprises.

DSC_0318       DSC_0321


Big areas of lime plaster had lost their key and crumbled under the wallpaper and under the window you’ll see my handy work below where I took out a sheet of plasterboard and chipped off patches of modern plaster so we can  put in the lime mortar, then the lime plaster, then 4 or 5 coats of limewash!! LABOUR INTENSIVE.

DSC_0317 You’ll also notice the bottom pane of the window has been removed and Owen has been repairing it, by removing the rotton timber and scarfing in new wood before re-glazing panes that needed it and painting with Linseed paint. More of that in another post.

Also stuffed in the brickwork beside the fireplace we found this old Parcel Post price list…DSC_0344 DSC_0346



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