Sash window repairs

So work has started on the windows, well the first room… there are many, many windows that need repairing. We must take the sash windows out, then strip off the paint that hasn’t already peeled off after years of neglect. In true Morse-Brown fashion Owen built a steam box to put the windows in and cook them for half an hour. This results in paint and putty coming off much quicker.

We can’t just rip out the old, we have to (or should I say Owen has to!) take off the rotten timber and scarf in a new replacement piece.

Scarf joint repair.

Scarf joint repair.

Heat up the frame.

Heat up the frame.

Next we will heat the frame to enable a thin coat of linseed oil to soak in well before applying a few coats of linseed paint.

One little helper

One little helper

The paint goes on nicely and should last quite a time.

The paint goes on

The paint goes on

Then we wait for this thing to dry. We wait and wait and then Owen sticks it in the drying cabinet that he built for his instruments – which is to a non-technical person such as myself a wardrobe with some UV lights in it and lots of tin foil.


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