A free kitchen!

This tired old 60s extension will function as our temporary kitchen for a couple of years while we get some major jobs done. You may remember that this is how it looked in July, with its missing floor tiles, grubby walls, mouldy paint work and broken blind.

How this room looked...

How this room looked…

From the opposite end.

A new old kitchen!

A new old kitchen!

Well a wonderful friend, Keith, that I see every week at dance class happens to have a relative who fits kitchens… In a van some weeks ago Keith turned up in his van with someone’s old kitchen that was on it’s way to the skip! It now resides in our home along with a fancy double oven in great nick – also free!

To top it off we cleared out one of the outbuildings and came across an unopened pack of laminate flooring which fit to the last inch in the kitchen. We hadn’t wanted to spend a lot on a temporary kitchen and ended up paying for the paint, that our pastor found on special offer and the blind!

Here it is and we cooked last weekend for the first time…

From the other end.

From the other end.

There was only a small piece of work top, so I found two table tops of the many pub tables left in the restaurant and Owen fit them in! Just the job.


8 thoughts on “A free kitchen!

  1. Hi Guys glad to see it staring to come together – we love your posts keep them coming. Lots of love Steph, Jack & the Foss kids xxxxx

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