Roof repairs



The scaffolding was up before Christmas so that repairs to the roof could commence. All the tiles came off so that the timbers could be inspected. A few repairs and strengthening was done followed by insulation, membrane, batons and then tiles. Most of the originals have gone back on.



We had some hairy nights whilst the storms raged over Christmas but remarkably everything on the rood just about stayed put!


We found birds nests and old bees nests in abundance which are so delicate but fascinating, especially for the children!

The roof work is still unfinished. One of the old chimneys was wobbly to touch so had to come down to half height on Health and Safety grounds and the Structural engineer and Conservation officer agreed today whilst up on the roof that it can be rebuilt to half height.

Mortaring in the ridge, repointing the chimneys, repointing brickwork and guttering are next…


5 thoughts on “Roof repairs

  1. Oh my, you guys are doing such a brilliant job. Well done and happy new year too. Lots of love, Foss Family. PS have got a new little renovation project of our own (an escape shack near the beach for use during midsummer Foss madness) – hope to catch up properly soon. X

    • Now, why doesn’t it surprise me that you have a project on too?! It’s comforting to know there are other manically busy people dreaming up new adventures and running with it. Would love to see you all again soon. Maybe one evening in summer we can meet you at the seaside for proper fish and chips….

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