Dog was here… 300 years ago!

Running two businesses and home educating our children leaves small pockets of time for getting on with the tasks at hand here in our old pub. Over the last few weekends I’ve been chipping off new plaster (same old story!) back to the old brickwork in our bathroom upstairs. It can be quite satisfying and quite painful at times. Smashing your thumb and knuckles with a hammer is now a perfected technique of mine!


Bathroom before

There’s some nice panelling we’re going to rub down and paint up but the hard board and modern plaster has to come off – you can see why I don’t want to keep it!

So I was so excited (I know I need to get out more) to see this behind the plaster:



So, a dog some 300 years ago stepped on the bricks whilst they were being made and then the bit that I find fascinating is that the brickie who laid these put them facing into the room and along the same row of bricks. He knew it would be covered up but I wonder if he ever thought someone would find it again 304 years later?!

The new bathroom suite has arrived (we got a deal in the January sale) and we hope to have it in there before next winter… as our windows restoration deadline of July takes priority. For now we’ll keep popping out side to our converted shower room, that was the pub toilets.


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