When the wind did blow!

We’ve missed the worst of the storms over recent weeks and when the storms have raged around us our old pub has stood firm.

We’ve had an incredible week with our building and the wind has blown in good favour and fortune to our project. At the start of the week we heard from our structural engineer who loves this ancient building. She was emailing about invoicing us and has decided that she doesn’t want to charge us the full amount to enable us to spend more on the work here!!!

On Friday morning the brickies who had done some work on our chimney stacks (of which there are many) turned up at the door to donate two trucks of roof trusses from another job. They thought of us and our dirt floor and wood burning stove and said we could put them to use as we see fit. They made my day!! We’re trying to work out if we can use them as floor joists in the dirt floor room and any leftovers can heat our house.

Lastly, on Friday evening the storm finally found a weakness in one of our attic rooms. We had a power cut as we were about to cook up a Valentines Dinner but living in a pub means there was emergency lighting! We got out the camping stove and had paella in front of the fire…. I digress…



Meanwhile, our middle son heard a bang and went up to the attic room to investigate and reported that the wind had blown a single pane of glass out of its old rotten frame… Owen got his tools out and boarded up the hole and was astonished to find the single pane of glass entirely in tact!!!

So the wind has blown our family some good fortune this week and we’re thankful to God for his continued protection, provision and favour.





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