When you rip out a room…

When most friends fist visited the Queens Head, on seeing one of the 3 attic rooms they remarked that is virtually ready to move in once a new coat of paint was applied. Well… with no idea what condition the roof timbers were in we got some help (3 male friends excited at the thought of ripping into plasterboard walls with a crowbar) and found a room that will be amazing.

The last attic room.

The room when we first looked round the property.

The next picture below is taken from the window end of the room.

Attic before

First exciting find was the hidden fireplace…


Here’s a view from one corner. The windows at the end look out over Roundway Hill behind our property.


We have Listed Building consent to leave the timbers exposed and with a light limewash over it. In this pic you can see the the lovely job the roofers have done. It’s much warmer already as a result!


When we ripped out the plasterboard at the top of stairs we found this panelling…


Our structural engineer had a brilliant idea! She suggested we get consent to remove the now redundant ceiling joists and build a platform to put a bed on overlooking the room, above the panelling. So, consent has been granted to remove the timbers and designs are forming in our heads…



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