Let there be light.

Having had boards up for some months now while repairs to the sash windows are made, I almost fell down when I came downstairs one morning last week, to find that Owen had finished and put them in by stealth, while I was helping out at a Destiny Africa choir concert.



Owen has done some beautiful work here and we’ve painted them and the frames with Linseed Paint, after reading about it and being convinced of the benefits.

It is a totally solvent free organic paint which is able to breath and move with the wood. The result is apparently much longer lasting (50 years) and only needs maintaining by revitalising with more linseed oil. It has been very nice to use although it’s taken some getting used to. The idea of putting a plastic layer of paint onto windows that we have spent hours restoring wasn’t too appealing – the more we look around at local old buildings with wooden sash windows, the more we realised that they are all to some degree peeling and cracking as the moisture inside tries to get out. With the linseed paint that should never happen. There are many more benefits I could go into but if you’re interested have a look at this very helpful site: www.solventfreepaint.com





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