Let there be light (part 2)

Today like many other days and more days to come… Has been a window day. With our deadline approaching in July we must concentrate all efforts on restoring and repairing the sash windows.

In my last post I showed put some pictures of our finished windows from the inside. Owen mortared them in with lime mortar to finish the job off and here’s a view from across the road.


And the top ones:


This week we’ve boarded up the big bay windows at the front and today we’ve worked solidly, stripping the frames and sashes to investigate which ones need replacing and which need repairing.


In keeping with Morse-Brown tradition Owen has built a contraption, a steam box, made from insulation board hooked up to a wallpaper stripper via a long hose, big enough to put a whole sash window in it!


Just pop your window into the box for half an hour or so, and then be at the ready to scrape the paint off quickly and remove the softened putty.



We also hired an infra-red speed heater to give us a helping hand on the frames and windows. It certainly sped things up!


So that’s a good job done for today. Just need to sand down the surfaces and they’re ready for the next process!



4 thoughts on “Let there be light (part 2)

  1. What you are doing is great , bringing new life into the building one day at a time sweet jesus love to come and see it some day.love in jesus

  2. Thanks Sarah, you’re welcome to come over and see what we’ve got ourselves into! Be aware – we may end up putting you to work!!!! It’s amazing how many people call at just the right time 😉

  3. Allan – you’re a sweetie and your chair is still here. Although you can’t get to it at the moment for all the other stuff piled around it!!! We’ll make a plan when we next see you about dropping in.

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