Yet more windows!

So, when I see my friends they all ask “How are the windows going?” and to be quite honest, I don’t remember which windows I last spoke to which person about!
There are so many on the go right now, we look like a joinery shop. Like his father, Owen likes to invent things to make the job run more efficiently -see the steam box in one of the previous posts. His latest scheme was to suspend the freshly stripped and repaired windows from the ceiling so they can be oiled and painted with Linseed paint several times and left to dry.

These particular windows are from our bedroom which now means we can stop camping out in our living room. I loved going to sleep in front of the fire but the novelty wore off a bit for Owen after a couple of weeks!


Now we just need some curtains, but we just met a blacksmith about getting an iron curtain pole made so I guess we will put up with hard board for a while…



5 thoughts on “Yet more windows!

  1. Jeff did exactly the same at our daughters home when he needed to spray all the doors in their home. He hung them from the ceiling in the garage.

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