There’s a window theme going on!

Well, we’re still doing windows and learning more tasks as we go! With the big bay windows downstairs when we got the all stripped back we deemed some of the damage beyond repair and so sought listed building consent to replace some of sashes.
This requires elevation drawings, so rather than wait on anyone else to do them, Owen got to work…
The conservation officer was quick to approve our proposal and we enlisted the help of a local joiner to make the new sashes and give them to us without being primed or glazed, so we could oil and paint with linseed. (I knew the green overalls from an old student job would come in handy one day!)

We then got the joiner back to fit the new windows and even he was impressed with how the job had all come together in the end.




4 thoughts on “There’s a window theme going on!

  1. Ann was telling me today about their recent visit and how impressed they are, but also how much there is still to do! Well done all!

    Helen Pegg

  2. Well done! One more done . A few more to do. We sing a chorus at Church bit by bit we are moving forward, little by little we are taking ground…Praise God for movement …progress! X

  3. It’s so amazing to see Gods hand working on you to do such a wonderful job ,keep it up the Lords strength be with you .Will come and have a look soon all our love A L

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