Builders in!

Part of our agreement includes bricking up a window in the bathroom and moving it to the back where it once was, back in the good ole days of the 1700s.

We found our builders back in May and booked our slot for this work and other fairly major works. They came for a week and did a great job but then had to leave with a promise they’ll be back in September! So we will wait patiently for the next job… The picture below shows where the new window will go in:


Here’s Lawrence and Jeff at work having made an opening and doing a spot of repointing. The conservation officer had to approve a sample panel of the repointing for style and colour match:


Here’s the finished job while we measure up for a new window and submit yet more drawings for approval and find someone to make the window!


This is the window that was taken out and bricked up:


Then to tidy it up (even though it may one day be hidden by new builds), Owen and our good friend Chris gave the wall a fresh lick of paint. It’s starting to look a bit less neglected now!


We are now waiting for our plumber to arrive this morning and shift some pipes about in the bathroom and then surely we will be another step closer to bathing in our house this winter! I’ll keep you posted on that one…


4 thoughts on “Builders in!

  1. Wow! What a brilliant find on the paintwork and then a family member to fill in the blanks! Amazing. I wonder what else will turn up over the restoration. It’s looking fantastic xx

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