Our bedroom windows

I completely forgot to make a post about these and now we even have curtains up! A luxury I’ve come to appreciate that I had taken for granted all my life.

I don’t have many pictures to show the state they were in but we took the sashes out, we stripped them, repaired them, scarfed in new pieces of wood where the bottoms had rotted away and then primed with linseed oil before repointing.


The view from our empty window…


It took us a couple of hours to get these stripped back, but we are a good team. Then there was some mortar work to be done above the window, a job that Owen tackled.


And, here’s the finished windows, they look elegant and one day (or should that be one year) the room will accompany them perfectly!



2 thoughts on “Our bedroom windows

  1. so so excited for the two of you. You remind me of Jeff and myself in all the renovation work we have done. It was my job in France to hack out all the mortar and repoint, it is so rewarding when the job is finished. It’s like tearing of that old wall paper you just cant help yourself. One day when we are back in England we would love to come to your home and see all the good work you both are doing. You both are a fantastic team, love you guys. We had a wonderful missions trip to Zimbabwe, God’s power moved powerfully.

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