A big step on the bathroom front!

Everything needs to happen in a certain order when doing an entire room. New floor joists had to be put in, which meant taking the others out and Owen did this when I was away in Yorkshire with the children.

We then had the usual bother of getting some windows made as the old ones were not that old and not the right fit for the newly opened up original window hole!


Eventually, we got a frame and sashes made, and then the frame needed to be fitted…


Creative woodworking is required when trying to fit square windows into a wonky hole!


Meanwhile the glazer managed to forget that we requested frosted glass and had to get the glass out, breaking some in the process and taking a further three weeks to sort it out… Ho hum.

The sashes came back last week and we got the linseed paint on and today Owen could finally fit them and restore light to our bathroom!


The picture shows Owen balancing the windows with the lead weights.


They were sealed in with burnt sand mastic, a traditional way to seal windows. It’s made of burnt sand and linseed oil.

Now we can start plastering… But not tonight!


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