DIY Materials, it’s getting serious now!

Recently Owen has taken this whole restoration project to another level… Not only do we restore the building with our own bare hands we also now make up and mix the raw materials!

Apparently all you need is vast quantities of lime putty and sand of varying grades depending on the job at hand.


Oh, and did I mention man power? Or even girl power?


You see, you need someone to shift the sand to the mixing bath… Then there’s the mixing of it. No machines here, only human ones.



Next you find a brick wall (and there are plenty around here) and get Owen to put the mortar on it.



After one coat, keep it well watered and ask him to do another coat a week later. Then make your own lime plaster on a Saturday morning – it should only take about 3-4 hours of hard labour and then start plastering!


Then a second coat please and keep well watered for a few days.


All ready for about 4 coats of lime wash now and we’re another step closer to having a fully functioning, beautiful, warm, indoor bathroom, complete with bath!

In the meantime, I’ve been stripping the years of gloss paint off the bathroom door which means we don’t have a bathroom door currently, so if you planning on paying us a visit this week make sure you go before you come round.



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