More work in the bathroom

Running out to our temporary shower room (former gents loos at the pub) is soon to be a memory… I hope! This week our plumber came back to improve our heating system which meant no heat for a couple of days and water on and off too. I actually managed to wear 5 layers!

All this has meant we can get on with some work in the bathroom. Gabriel put the final coat of limewash on the walls:


A few weeks back we treated all the timber with borax to keep woodworm at bay and we bought clay paint to paint between the beams… Now looking lovely up top:


Owen covered up the attic wall with tongue and groove and he wired the new lights in:


Where the plumber took out an old redundant radiator I got to work scraping who knows how many layers of gloss paint off some old panelling, all ready for linseed paint.


Then Owen put a new piece of wood in the doorframe…. Quite a busy day really.


Just chatting by the fire now to see what happens next in there and there’s still quite a way to go. We have to paint all the panelling, fit some panelling we took out to strip and paint, then of course there’s putting a floor in…. And to do that we have to take down the bar! That’s all got to happen before we fit the new sink, loo and bath…. Step by step…


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