Upcycling the old pub bar!

I would have written this post on Saturday night but was too tired after the day’s events! So, we had a bar in the living area downstairs… Unusual, but not for an old pub. We left it up until we were ready to put in a bathroom floor and now we are.


It’s served us well but now we’re Upcycling it…


I never believed it would take a day’s solid work to take it down though.


Glad our children have a hands on attitude and enjoy getting stuck in!


It’s made the space gigantic now, but while Owen tidies up the boards in the workshop, I think I’ll gather up all the musical instruments (there are many) and put them in the new space, where we can play them together instead of separately round the house.


For a day or two Elsie and I will enjoy the extra dancing space! You’ve got to practise your ballet somewhere… Although now we don’t have the barre 😉


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