Another bedroom begins… 

There’s a lovely bedroom to be, above the bar with a fab new bay window, that’s been sat waiting patiently for us to make a move in it. To me it feels like a ships cabin with its steeply sloped wooden floor!

As usual we always make things look a lot worse before they get better…

Stripping off the old…



This is (will be!) a beautiful wall. We have been carefully removing the lime plaster that’s crumbling off and leaving the rest in tact for us to patch repair. The whole thing is quite fragile and needs strengthening on the other side too.



In preparation for the new windows and repaired sashes we had to take the others out. This also meant the ceiling under the bay came down. It was a hairy moment and we were glad of hard hats!

We had to remove the modern render to let the brickwork breathe again and make ready for some panelling to go in its place. We haven’t decided on the timber…. Owen can choose, he’s the expert when it comes to wood after all!

As always, starting a job like this reveals other potential problems… We noticed there has been some movement which after much thought and exploring is due to a beam that failed some time ago and was repaired. We’ve just got permission from the conservation officer to put in a new timber support in the bar area under the room.

It will go between the two light fittings, and we can put some removable wooden panels on there, which will be used to divide the room in winter so we can stay cosy in front of the fire.

Meanwhile work continues on the latest delivery of sash windows… Yes they are at the end of the skittle alley! 



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