Dirt floor room update.

You may remember that the dirt floor room was so named for obvious reasons. Over the year and half we’ve been here, bits of work have taken place. We’ve had help removing modern plaster and tile cement from the poor damp walls:

We’ve found and opened up a fireplace and hearth.

We’ll eventually put our old wood burner in. We’ve also dug out and filled two skips of dirt from the floor.

The air vents are now in and two lovely chaps came round and did a smashing job putting in the floor joists (that had been donated to us by our lovely roofers!):

So, I woke up with a mind to work on Saturday and Owen suggested I make a start on the boarded up window…

My task was to strip it back to the wood,


We put the removable part in the steam box so Owen could get the putty out easily.


The next job was to brush hot linseed oil onto the old thirsty wood:


Then I went over the whole lot with the heat gun to warm the wood and help it soak the oil in better.


All ready for a few coats of linseed paint now and glazing. Not bad for a day’s work! Although my arms are still aching. 


3 thoughts on “Dirt floor room update.

  1. How amazing are you,does work never stop? You must be so proud of yourselves.
    And here am I in a state over a few hats ! And getting a new website up and running.You put me to shame.

    • It sometimes feels like it never stops because one job often creates another! We enjoy it so that makes it easier too and I’m sure that’s how you feel about your hats 😉

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