Almost ready to introduce some furniture…

So, we’re still going full steam ahead trying to get a bedroom finished before Tom and Lyn come to stay. The walls are finished:

We’ve painted the door frame and woodwork with egg shall paint this morning:

 Owen spruced up the old fireplace before lunch:
After refuelling at lunchtime we set to work on the old floorboards, cleaning and scrubbing with warm water and linseed soap, in preparation for varnishing on another day:

Gabriel and Elsie joined forces just when we were beginning to flag a bit. Gabriel was scraping off old paint spills with a chisel and removing old carpet tacks from the boards while Elsie scrubbed for England! The muck that came off was incredible, but they look better for it.

 We then tried out a new technique for the gaps between the boards. As on boats we used some rope fibres and twisted the up and stuffed down the gap:
We’re undecided whether to continue, it would probably be another days work to do the whole room and we’d have to order it from the ship suppliers in a bale.

The panelling is the next thing we put in place. Owen made it in his workshop, it’s cedar of Lebanon and it smells amazing!

Not bad for a day’s work! Although I’ve just noticed the bedroom door staring at me, which will need painting too…. Not today though!
The bed arrives this week, but it will have to live in the bar for a little while.


7 thoughts on “Almost ready to introduce some furniture…

  1. It all looks amazing. I love the yellow and what super panels of Lebanese cedar – I bet it smells fantastic. What a wonderful welcome for your parents!

  2. Coming together… You work so hard, it’s a credit to you all … It’s amazing. One day there be no jobs to do and you will enjoy your hard work. Xx

    • We may be ready to retire then! However we’ve met and heard from others who have done similar projects and when they get to the end they start again on a different place!

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