A final sprint to the finish line…

we’ve worked like the clappers to get another bedroom finished and we have made it before our family arrive!

The beautiful old elm boards have had a couple of coats of linseed varnish.

The old door has been stripped and painted with its old furniture put back on. 

And now the door shuts… But just take a look at the bottom and top of the door… Some serious angles going on there!

Where a bulb just hung from a dodgy looking wire, there is now our new light placed on a ceiling rose Owen made.

Our wonderful plumber lent a saw to Owen, which meant Owen could make the skirting boards and fit them to the wonky old walls!

The panelling is finished and in place.

The curtain rail and new curtains are in and now all the furniture is there too. Here are some pics of the finished room:

Just need some pictures up now… But not today!


22 thoughts on “A final sprint to the finish line…

  1. This is absolutely stunning! The vision the pair of you have is amazing. I love love love all the elements of this room – from the furniture to the lighting to that floor (oh be still my hear, that floor!) to the bay window with the wainscotting… it’s gorgeous! You are doing a stellar job. I love seeing your progress!

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