Work commences in the attic

So, a very long time ago when we moved here one of the attic rooms was boxed in with plasterboard and some visitors remarked that with a lick of paint you could use it…. However to repair the roof and asses the structure and timbers it had to be ripped out. In doing so we found it in good order really, we found a fireplace and beautiful old woodwork and panelling.

We got permission to leave the roof exposed and remove the now redundant ceiling joists. So we got to work taking the joists out and got the electrician in to move some cables through a different part of the house.

While Matt was sawing joists I cleared the rooks handy work from the chimney…

There was 5 bags of the stuff, including egg boxes, paper coffee cups and one of Elsie’s socks! So, washing machines don’t eat socks, birds pinch them off the line and build nests with them!

There was so much dust and detritus and Elsie was an expert at removing old nails from the timbers.

We then gave everything a good clean and dust.

The next job was to remove the unsightly black gloss off the beams… This would prove to require determination..


So after many hours on Saturday and aching arms we managed it.

We’ve just received permission from the conservation officer to replace the not so old little windows either side of the fireplace, so Matt has been commissioned to make those for us. Another update on this room will follow soon no doubt!



10 thoughts on “Work commences in the attic

  1. Great post! Love, love, love the restoration. You two look scary but the photo of Elsie has got to be a favorite. Looks fantastic!

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