Adding some colour to the attic room…

We are working on the attic and it’s been a little while since I posted, so this is a little catch up on our progress in the attic room. As in the last post the Windows got finished and Owen started applying the many coats of linseed paint…

Then Owen started and finished the lime plastering…



As you can see above we only patch repair what’s already there as you can’t replace in old listed buildings, that’s a big no no!

There are 3 attic rooms altogether and this one is connected to another so we’ve had a door made, by Matt who is currently living and working with us. Here’s a pic of the work so far…


It will get painted along with the labelling we found under nailed on sheets of hardboard!

Owen and Matt have also been busy in the rafters, making the rooftop bed bas which I am really excited about. 




Elsie, Owen and I have been busy painting the last couple of weekends and got the back wall finished…

All in all its coming together nicely… The clay paint that we used here is a dream to work with and because it’s natural it doesn’t smell at all.



2 thoughts on “Adding some colour to the attic room…

  1. as always WOW AND WOW. So sad we missed you and to not get to see this magnificent place. A home for life and pass down through the generations.

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