Work in the attic continues…

Just a catch up post as we’ve been busy doing bits and pieces up in the attic over the last few weeks. 

We’ve been working on the stairs leading up to the attic, I stripped off some old paint which took some persuading.

We’ve also repaired and repainted the panelling we found under the hardboard that had been nailed to it.


After 3 coats of fireproof paint – building regs insisted – it’s not looking too bad. 


Another project up here has been creating a shelving wall from some reclaimed timber to stop us falling down the stairs.

   The bed will be up above the shelves and we screened off another attic room at the end and Owen has been fiddling with electrics to put in lighting.



Got to love those Bakelite switches! 

We now have a grate in the fire and had a stone surround made for cosy winter nights.

We’ve got a ladder to make to get up to the bed and repairs to the floor as well as cleaning the floor up to see what beauty lies beneath, but that will be another post…


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