We finished another room!

Last weekend we actually experienced that thrilling feeling when you finish a room. It’s been a long time in the making but we did it!

With a radiator we found in a reclamation yard Owen did a spot of plumbing to get it in and ready for winter. Before it went in there was the floor to clean up!

Filthy work!

But it came up nice. The best part is getting some furniture and pictures up… So as you come up the stairs…


Now into the room…



Owen made this beautiful oak ladder up the bed in the rafters…







So this is now my new favourite room. The fireplace is good to go but we’ll wait until the winter for that! For now Samuel has this room and will enjoy a room to himself for the first time since he was 2!



6 thoughts on “We finished another room!

  1. It is sooo beautiful- like a medieval painter’s studio! Such richness in the wood and colours. Must be a wonderfully peaceful place for great ideas and thoughts to develop.

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