Working outdoors, while the sun shines

Having finished a room in the attic, we’ve now moved outdoors to finish and start some other bits and pieces.

We need to get to the Windows in the top of the picture and also tear down this lean to at the back of the building that was put up by the brewery without consent. It’s also rotten and leaking! Before undertaking the work we needed to tidy up yet another window…

And sort out a new door for the cellar entrance…

We also had to have the water board come and do a fix on a leaking pipe underground. The pipes really old and has been repaired on a neighbouring property but pushed the problem to ours. They wouldn’t fix the whole pipe and said they’d come back and fix another bit when that went! How barmy is that? 

The good news is that our cellar has dried up as a result! For now anyway!

Demolition has begun and Owen, Gabriel and I had fun with crow bars and lump hammers for stage 1:

After a hard slog we had our first BBQ, which was fun!

I’ve also started stripping the front door ready for a well needed drink of linseed oil and a few coats of linseed paint.

It’s a good start and I’ll keep you posted about what happens next… 


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