Team MB start demolition works!

As you know we have moved our work outside while we have no risk of frost, because lime mortar doesn’t like it. In the last post we showed some pics of the back of the building and it’s that  job that we continue with…

Having hired a concrete saw and smasher and a skip we set to it. 

For the time being we have cut a border, that we will fill with pea gravel to allow the walls of the building to breathe again. This also takes us one step closer to putting a floor in our ‘dirt floor’ room. I had to confirm to an inquisitive 2 year old this week that yes, that is soil in our house and no we don’t take our shoes off upon entering!

We then smashed up (we being Owen!) the concrete further towards the garden and the kids and I loaded it into the wheelbarrow and filled the skip.

The following weekend we took the rest of the lean to structure down.

This left some large holes in the brickwork which Owen has sorted and I did some raking out and a spot of repointing at the lower level of the skittle alley building (note to self: we need to rename that room).

Now we’ve got to get to the last window… But that’s another post for another day.


5 thoughts on “Team MB start demolition works!

  1. Love these posts. The kids look so grown up. Reminds me how long it’s been since we last saw you guys! Lots of love, you are doing a great job. Rosslyn xxx

    • Ah, lovely Rosslyn. I am the mother of a teenager! It’s been so long since we last saw each other. You must come and see this madness that we call home, I’d love to see you x

  2. Fantastic work , guys. great to see you all working together. Izzy is 14 this year and Jenson 12. Time is flying x

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