Happy New Doors!

Well, not strictly new, but they look like new. I haven’t posted in a while because we’ve been working on 4 doors and so I thought I’d wait and do them all in one post.

The first door we repaired I don’t have a clear ‘before’ picture so the finished one will have to do. Owen made a new sill and then stripped it and oiled it with linseed oil and then painted it with 3 coats of linseed paint. The frame was also repaired and treated in the same way. 

Further down the same wall is another door. This one was rotten and beyond repair as you can see… we’ve actually had this one boarded up for a year or so because it was so flimsy.

We got listed building consent by submitting drawings for a brand new door:

The door which was a side entrance to the bar looked like this…

We got permission to replace this rotten door with one that we found at a local reclamation yard. We had to strip the new old door, oil and paint with linseed paint again, but we love this new, old door!

And finally we got our front door finished too. This old door just needed love and we treated it as the others…

It took a long time to strip this one as it had so many layers…

Our new door has really tarted up the front, but we still have some work to do on the stone pillars.

The great news is that we’ve had the conservation officer here to check on our progress on the repair schedule which we’ve agreed legally to complete by July, and she has signed off the works as it is! So the pressure is off and now we can start doing work to the old skittle alley and dirt floor room, but not today 😊 

That will be another post…


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