We need to rename the ‘dirt floor room’

Since Christmas we’ve started a few things as they often take as long as they want to take! We’ve put in our plans for the new timber frame roof and glass end for the skittle ally (one day to be a kitchen diner) and had a few companies in to see the project and quote for the work. That will be another post…

Concurrently we have been working in the room with a dirt floor…

Removing the last if the modern plaster. We also wanted to investigate the state of the old ceiling (hidden by a modern one) and ended up taking the entire ceiling down a couple of Saturdays ago – as you do!

Much to our delight it’s in really good shape and the lime plaster will only need a few holes and hairline cracks to be repaired with lime putty.

Then arrived the wood fibre insulation and breathable membrane for the floor…

First we needed to get the cement mixer out to put in a base for a hearth…

Now we could put the insulation in, over and between the floor joists.

Now we are waiting for the oak floorboards to arrive…. I’m very excited. We now can’t see the earth floor after 3.5 years so we’re going to have to rename it. Watch this space…


4 thoughts on “We need to rename the ‘dirt floor room’

  1. This is great! No dirt floors, now that’s progress, I tell you. I know what it’s like to have to do the ugly parts before placing the pretty bits. All the best from the MidWest.

    • Yes, it feels like we’ve turned a corner! We had a surveyor over last week who couldn’t believe we live on site, I had to persuade him that it was fun and much more improved sine we moved in three years ago! Not sure he was convinced, but he was wearing shiny shoes!

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