Update to Oak floor room progress and more windows…

It’s been busy with the business and on the pub restoration front, so it’s a good job school is off for a while!

After getting the lovely oak floor down we’ve oiled it with linseed and got a building regs approved fire door in place at their request…

Obviously with the big gap above the door it’s not going to be stopping any fires spreading but we’ve just rectified that… you’ll see lower down this post!

One of the fun parts of a project like this is shopping at reclamation yards. We needed a hearth stone for the fireplace that Owen has been getting ready for the wood burner we brought with us from the farm.

We mixed the concrete and got the base down one Saturday and then found the perfect hearth stone from the reclamation yard.

We then set to work putting a brick base in the bottom of the fireplace.

We commissioned a stone mason to make us a stone surround matching the moulding profile of one in a room upstairs. Owen mortared it in…

Now while Owen was taking care of the fireplace we took receipt of our last windows and I got to work oiling them with linseed oil.

They’ve now left us again to be glazed.

Back in the oak floor room we decided the next job had to be lime mortaring the walls ready for lime plastering. So we hired a mixer and mixed up masses of mortar and plaster all day long…

It was heavy and hot work and a bit fiddly at times. In the pic below we are distributing horse hair into the plaster. It’s not supposed to have tufts so you have to aim to separate it out! There’s even a number of hairs per square inch to aim for! I kid you not!

This must be a labour of love ❤️ 

So the first layer of lime mortar is now on. We need to keep spraying it with water so it doesn’t dry too quickly.

Now back to the fire door gap. We’ve decided to leave the beautiful brick wall against the stairs exposed with its wonkey timbers. When repairing and securing the staircase from underneath the bricks below came away and so we built a wall yesterday and plugged the gap above the fire door in the same way. 

Ask Owen but it was quite challenge fitting them into a space that is not straight or square!

Now for his next trick, he will be plastering the laths he reinstated under the stairs, but that’s another day…

We’re not ones for cutting corners, although we did hire the mortar mixer instead of doing it by hand. It makes me appreciate the enormity of the task the builders were faced with building this place 300 years ago.


One thought on “Update to Oak floor room progress and more windows…

  1. Looking great . Well done .
    Must pop by and have a proper look.

    See you soon hopefully, Martin, Sarah , Izzy, Jenson

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