A mini celebration and more lime plastering…

We have been trying to get a mortgage since February when the pub was officially granted residential use and it’s been a slog to be honest. Our mortgage brokers deserve a medal having got their heads around our unusual set up here and then conveying that to banks who prefer boxes to be ticked! 

Well this week we have in our possession a piece of paper from a building society offering a mortgage to us. They also valued the property at well over 100k the agreed sale price in its current state. Happy days! Anyway, I thought I’d give you an update with some before and after pics of progress in the ex dirt floor room…

Before cleaning up the bricks and oiling the timbers

After cleaning and oiling

New laths on ready for lime plastering

1st coat of plaster gets pushed on!

Another view of new laths

Scratch coat of plaster on, ready for more


After a spot of lime plastering

 There was a tiny fragment of cornice when we were removing what was left of the modern plaster and ceiling. So we were keen to reinstate it and and it called for a special tool that Owen had to make to get the profile correct.

Rough shape formed with lime mortar

New tool in action, giving detail to cornice

First layer of lime plaster done

Corners are interesting!

So that’s where we’re at. Owen’s hoping to move to plastering the walls this weekend and there I can step in and help out with the painting… 


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