Almost finished the oak room

Except for a couple of doors that need to be hung we finished the oak room, formerly known as the dirt floor room!

With the wainscot panelling coming together bit by bit in Owens workshop we got to work on the walls.

We used beautiful clay paint and to top it off the colour we chose was called Trilby – no word of a lie! The new lights were fitted next and we even went all modern and put in a strip of LEDs to light up the brick wall we’ve left as a feature.

Owen put in new oak sills and gave the window frames a coat of linseed paint. Then once the panelling was put in it needed oiling with linseed oil.

To protect the beautiful floor boards we varnished them.

And once dry we got to start putting in the furniture…

Once the curtains are made and the two doors hung I’ll do a before and after post, because this room has been a huge undertaking literally having an earth floor since before we moved here years ago! It feels great to relax in here with a good book at the end of the day.

But here’s a sneak peek at our current shenanigans…. yes, that’s a room (was the skittle alley) and it’s roof and end wall is off and in the foreground is our snake pit. More on that later…


5 thoughts on “Almost finished the oak room

  1. Came to visit with Helen a while back, absolutely agree with WOW! Unrecognisable from how I remember the , lovely work both of you.

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