Skittle Alley works update

5 years ago when we moved in the pub had a skittle alley, which we discovered had been a smoke house hundreds of years ago. It has always been the plan to turn it into a kitchen / diner / living space and to also make it possible to allow ‘happenings’ to take place there.

Since we moved in it has been a storage place, a workshop and a home school room all in one (its huge). Here is the story so far…

As the roof was due to come off in May we needed to remove the ceiling first. That’s when we discovered it was asbestos and so we had to get the proper people in to remove it! Before they came Owen and I took our the old pipe work and radiators as well as all the electrics. We know how to enjoy Saturdays!

Next we got the big guns in to remove the plasterboard from the wall that meets the pub/ house:

With that done the builders and roofers could come along to take the slates off and take down the end wall.

This obviously left the back of the house vulnerable hence the temporary ply wood plug.

While the new oak frame was being made in the Forest of Dean the timbers needed to come off…

After agreeing a plan with Dean Oak we cleaned up the old bricks to rebuild the two sides and bottom ledge for the glass end to sit in.

And Elsie did her work in a lovely pattern 😍

Using lime mortar you have to cover it and dampen it to slow down the drying.

We are so blessed to have friends who give up a perfectly good Saturday to come and join in the fun…

This particular friend insisted we lift up the pit which had been to collect the skittles and balls at the bottom of the alley, because of the potential of treasure being discovered in it…

Nope, only an angry adder. I didn’t hang around to see Owen calmly put him in a bucket and walk him across the road to set him free in the field. And I try not to think about how long he might have been there!

With the serpent dealt with our friends could remove the old wall plates, while we finished off the brick work. However one the old rotten wall plates were off so too came some plaster to reveal another potential worry.

The wall was bulging out and we needed to get the structural engineer in to assess it and help us decide if the proposed oak frame could be supported? As for me all I could do was look at the beautiful brick arch and decide it was not going to be covered back up but made a feature of in my new kitchen!

With a good report from the engineer work could commence. In the mean time we filled the snake pit with concrete.

And Elsie got a private skating rink.

The oak frame arrived…

With the frame on, the felt, batons and slates could go back on.

With the slates back in place work could carry on with the glass end. We treated

the oak with osmo oil to protect against the uv rays.

And here it is. We are thrilled with the end result! The I Hi n

Insulation, electrics, plumbing next. To be continued…


8 thoughts on “Skittle Alley works update

  1. Absolutely stunning… you have all worked so hard… and when it’s finished it will look like it’s been there forever… what an achievement! I’m so pleased and proud of you all xxxx

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